[open-bibliography] AuthorClaim

Thomas Krichel krichel at openlib.org
Wed Sep 14 12:06:53 UTC 2011

  Klaus Graf writes

> I have 200+ scholarly publications online, 120 in BASE - but only a
> very small set in AuthorClaim. This is very disappointing.

  I am as disappointed as you are Klaus. The reading software
  is slow and I can't afford a very fast machine.

  I am still reading BASE. I am still not done restructuring AGRIS. I
  did not know it would take so much time ;-(. When I am done, I will
  read a new version of OpenLibrary data that I did in August after
  reading your original missive.  I don't want to read three
  collections at the same time, it slows down the box. But I may
  consider doing so. Actually I am running an update of the
  CrossRef data that I have today. 

> I would like to suggest to add PNDs and other biographical norm file IDs.

  You mean this?


  I don't see where this data is available. Even if it were I am not
  sure if there is bibliographic information available that I can use.

  I can add a field in AuthorClaim where people can add the PND id
  that they may know, but it is useless if I can't get access to some
  more data about them from the PND.


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