[open-bibliography] biblios.net code/data?

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Jul 5 00:09:50 UTC 2012

Graham Seaman <graham at theseamans.net>
> Does anyone know if the biblios.net z39.50 server data or code (it was
> open source of some kind) is available anywhere?

The biblios.net code was called just biblios and was hosted on
biblios.org. It used PazPar2 didn't it?

> Someone mentioned github to me, but I can't find it there. As far as
> I can see the cataloguing service is now dead since it depends on
> Google Gears. I believe Liblime simply let the service fade away,
> but I may be wrong - maybe someone has revived it elsewhere?

A copy of the server code is
as git.biblios.org seems to have gone away.  It's GPL so that should
survive its original host's neglect, although it doesn't look like
it's under active development just now.

> I don't know why the service died either - was it just a casualty of the
> Liblime/Koha fiasco, or commercially unviable, or did they run into
> legal prolems with putting random catalogue data under PDDL?

(Koha wasn't part of any fiasco... it's kept ticking along,
cataloguing books, even when certain developers may have been fiascking.)

I doubt the service ran into legal problems, as biblios.net looks
still up (although not useful now, as you note) - it's only the GPL
software site that seems to have been killed off and turned into a
redirect to the not useful biblios.net site.  Maybe it wasn't a focus
for LibLime's new owners and no-one else wanted it enough to fund it?

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