[open-bibliography] OCLC adds Linked Data to WorldCat.org | DDC 23 released as linked data at dewey.info

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That's the key - as long as OCLC can find a clear way to say what version
the repo is at and/or (preferably) what has changed since, then we are
fine. If they want to throw more resources at it and run a service like an
AtomPub instance or OAI-PMH, then so much the better.

Either service relies on the knowledge of what has changed since 'x' time -
without that, it will be a very computationally painful thing to reverse


On Monday, 25 June 2012, Peter Murray-Rust wrote:

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>> > Yet it seems so unpopular, and I
>> > can't for the life of me figure out why :D
>>   OAI-PMH is compliated, it has features nobody uses... It creates work
>>  for humans that machines would be better at.
>>  I prefer plain files and ftp or better rsync.
> The main problem is that it's an "academic-only" format. That means its
> use depends on support *and development*  by the academic community whereas
> other methods such as rsync, RESTful methods, RSS, etc are in widespread
> use. There isn't anything specific that academics need over the rest of the
> world.
> But having said that IF OCLC expose OAI-PMH then I am sure it can be
> incrementally downloaded. With these endpoints the main problem is knowing
> what is *in* the repo and ho far through you have got.
> But do OCLC have an Open OAI endpoint?
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