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Asaf Bartov asaf.bartov at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 21:49:08 UTC 2013

Hi, everyone.

First of all, an important clarification: While I work for the Wikimedia
Foundation, this is _not_ a Foundation, or even a Wikimedia, initiative.  I
just put up that page on the Wikimedia Meta-wiki as a natural brainstorming
space, and because I am personally a longtime Wikimedia volunteer and think
the Wikimedia community is a natural community to take part, but this is
(so far!) only a personal initiative, in my capacity as library metadata
geek, hacker, and digital librarian (all volunteer roles).

I do hope lots of Wikimedians and others join, and the sign-ups on the wiki
page[1] so far are inspiring!  Thank you! :)

Since this was posted, I have elaborated the proposal a bit (still on the
same wiki page) and added a concrete example, and have also answered some
questions on the "Discussion" page behind it[2].  Please do take a(nother)

I would be delighted to discuss collaboration with absolutely anyone
working on open bibliography compatible with my basic terms (primarily
volunteer labor, free software, open Web standards).  I'd like to
centralize discussion though, so if at all possible, let's keep refining
the idea on the Meta page[1] and discussion on its talk page[2].  If for
some reason you find you can't contribute there, go ahead and contribute on
this list.  I'd appreciate an explicit CC to ensure I see this, as I handle
huge amounts of e-mail.




On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 12:34 AM, Adrian Pohl <adrian.pohl at okfn.org> wrote:

> Hello,
> Wikimedia started an interesting project to promote the creation of
> open bibliographic data: the "Massively-Multiplayer Online
> Bibliography (MMOB)" [1].
> Here's the summary from the wikipage:
> "Massively-Multiplayer Online Bibliography (MMOB) is the name for a
> series of crowdsourcing projects to perform significant feats of
> online bibliography in a fun, collaborative, and principled way, that
> would be useful to everyone and acceptable to professionals. It will
> rely on volunteer labor, free software, and open Web standards."
> I guess, there are some people on this list who are interested in
> participating. So, just sign up on the wikipage.
> - Adrian
> P.S.: I will ask Asaf Bartov [2] - who apparently started this - if
> he'd like to give some more information about the projects on
> openbiblio.net.
> [1]
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Massively-Multiplayer_Online_Bibliography
> [2] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Ijon
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