[open-bibliography] Challenge launched to promote open data for education

Sander van der Waal sander.vanderwaal at okfn.org
Wed Mar 20 08:54:45 UTC 2013

Dear all,

The LinkedUp project is very pleased to announce the launch of the
LinkedUp challenge [1]. This is a series of three competitions (Veni,
Vidi, and Vici) promoting the innovative use of linked and open data
in an educational context.

The LinkedUp team invites anyone, from researchers and students, to
developers and businesses, to join the first 'Veni' competition [2].
You can participate by building prototypes, demos and innovative tools
that exploit, use, integrate or analyse large scale web data for
educational use.

Some very attractive prizes are only one reason to join and
participate [3] in the challenge. It is also a great opportunity to
work with a large, documented repository of linked datasets [4] that
the LinkedUp team is putting together. The consortium is also able to
offer dedicated access to so far non-public resources. The challenge
allows participants to showcase their ideas and solutions to a wide
community of researchers and practitioners. For businesses as well as
researchers, this will be a great opportunity to present their company
and enhance their network. For people working in academia, the
challenge will provide a wealth of material and opportunities for
experiments and publications.

While the LinkedUp team already identified and connected many
educational and non-educational resources to work with, participants
can also use and connect their own material or other data sources.
Anyone is free to showcase their creativity and solutions as long as
the application is relevant to education in the broadest sense of the
word. There are also some high profile use cases of established
organisations made available [5] that can serve as inspiration for
innovative applications. Join today!

- Find out about the LinkedUp challenge
- Subscribe to our mailinglist
- Follow @linkedupproject and #linkedupproject
- Contact us directly
- Get more information about the LinkedUp Project

Important dates:

- March 2013: Launch of the Challenge
- May 2013: Release of the comprehensive LinkedUp dataset
- 27 June 2013: Submission deadline
- 1 September 2013: Notifications and Nominations
- 17 September 2013: Presentations and award ceremony

If you have any questions, please get in touch! We would love to hear from you.

Kind Regards,

Sander van der Waal
LinkedUp Project

[1] http://linkedup-challenge.org/
[2] http://linkedup-challenge.org/#first
[3] http://linkedup-challenge.org/#why
[4] http://linkedup-challenge.org/#support
[5] http://linkedup-challenge.org/usecases.html

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