[Open-companies] New Microsite on Corporate Identifiers

Kaitlin Lee klee at sunlightfoundation.com
Wed Nov 2 20:40:12 UTC 2011

Hello everyone,

We've just launched a micro-site that summarizes some of our research on
the problem of unique corporate identifiers.


The site is meant to be an introduction to the problem and also includes a
visualization to help show how and why DUNS numbers are not up to the task.
Feedback is welcome, and if you'd like your related work to be added to the
resources page, please send me a link and I'll put it up there. There are
also some accompanying blog posts:

http://sunlightlabs.com/blog/2011/physics-of-the-corporate-universe/ (technical
details of the visualization implementation)


Kaitlin Lee
Web Developer, SubsidyScope.com | Sunlight Foundation
202-742-1520 x247 | @kaitlinblee
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