[open-data-day] Open data day 2011

David Eaves david at eaves.ca
Wed Nov 23 00:12:06 GMT 2011

Hi Sandrine,

Thank you for reaching out! So glad you are interested. We are pretty 
informally organized but there lots of people keen to give and advice 
and share best practices.

I've also cross posted my response to the open data day mailing list 
where a lot of these types of questions arise.

Some responses below:

On 11-11-22 8:40 AM, paulemmanuelle ouensou wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> My name is Sandrine and I am very interested by the International 
> Hackaton Day concept. I'm willing to organise an event in my city 
> (Cotonou - Benin) but I still have some questions.
> 1. How will we be connected on Satrurday 3 december?
We will be setting up a hangout in Google+ where people can come online 
and share what they are working on.
> 2. Isn't there a problem of time zone?
We don't expect everybody to be connecting at the same time, so there 
shouldn't be...
> 3. Wil everybody be connected to every body?
No, that definitely won't be possible, and it isn't the main goal. The 
principal goal is to build community locally that is thinking about and 
engaged in open data.
> 4. Will everybody talk each hour all the day?
Actually we've been pretty informal about this, the work tends to happen 
locally, sometimes people jump online to share what they are working on, 
some people don't share anything online at all.
> How do you usually manage that?
This is a good question  maybe this year we will have a sign up sheet 
where people can block times to present what they are working on... that 
might be wise... I'll post this idea to the wiki and set up some 
infrastructure for it...

> Thank you for your answer.
> Sandrine
Hope this is helpful!


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