[open-data-day] Hello World

David Eaves david at eaves.ca
Sat Oct 8 00:24:37 BST 2011

Hi everyone,

By my count the people on this mailing list so far should be (I will 
double check to see who has signed up):

Edward Ocampo-Gooding - Ottawa
Danielle Gould - New York
Heather Leson - Toronto
Herb Lainchbury - Victoria
Vasanth Vallabh - Bangalore
Daniella Silva - Sao Paulo
Luke Closs - Vancouver
Julian Tait - Manchester
Tim Davies - Oxford

Again, I'm so excited we are moving forward! My goal is always to keep 
things light and lean and to empower local organizers as much as 
possible. You all know what your community wants or needs best, I mostly 
see our collective role in supporting on another, and providing a chance 
for people to connect and reinforce our collective vision.

So, since we have so little time, I'd love to move quickly. We have a 
few to dos!

1) We need to refresh www.opendataday.org/ 
<http://www.opendataday.org/>, get a new message up there. I will commit 
to doing this by Monday. I'd love for there to be one or two common 
projects we try to work on, including some work with RHOK, so will try 
to include that.

2) We need to re-create the wiki www.opendataday.org/wiki/Main_Page 
<http://www.opendataday.org/wiki/Main_Page>. Specifically I think we 
should probably archive last years' content? (Maybe move the content 
from the landing page to a renamed Main_Page2010) and recreate the main 
page and the cities organizing page (Maybe so that people can sign up 
and organize again - maybe point to a new City Events 
<http://www.opendataday.org/wiki/City_Events> page that is at 

It would be great if someone wanted to tackle this. I will try to do it 
by Monday if no one is able!

3) Write some blog posts and spread the news. I'll definitely post one 
of these on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday in Canada and the US so worried 
we might get missed a little). You should feel free to copy mine, but I 
also encourage you to create your own! Obviously we'd love to recruit 
every one who participated last year and more!

4) Recruit, recruit, recruit

If anyone has any concerns about any of these, please do post!


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