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Oleg Lavrovsky oleg at utou.ch
Mon Oct 10 13:45:07 BST 2011

Hi Dave,

/me is on this list too (thanks Tim!)
I'm one of the organizers of the first Swiss Open Data Camp
http://make.opendata.ch which took place last week in two cities, very much
inspired by your efforts around the world.
Right now we're planning the next Random Hacks of Kindess event in Zürich -
and what you're discussing looks like a nice way to combine interest /
forces in December.

I'll be watching closely and looking for a chance to pitch in!


(from Bern, Switzerland)

On Sat, Oct 8, 2011 at 1:24 AM, David Eaves <david at eaves.ca> wrote:

>  Hi everyone,
> By my count the people on this mailing list so far should be (I will double
> check to see who has signed up):
> Edward Ocampo-Gooding - Ottawa
> Danielle Gould - New York
> Heather Leson - Toronto
> Herb Lainchbury - Victoria
> Vasanth Vallabh - Bangalore
> Daniella Silva - Sao Paulo
> Luke Closs - Vancouver
> Julian Tait - Manchester
> Tim Davies - Oxford
> Again, I'm so excited we are moving forward! My goal is always to keep
> things light and lean and to empower local organizers as much as possible.
> You all know what your community wants or needs best, I mostly see our
> collective role in supporting on another, and providing a chance for people
> to connect and reinforce our collective vision.
> So, since we have so little time, I'd love to move quickly. We have a few
> to dos!
> 1) We need to refresh www.opendataday.org/, get a new message up there. I
> will commit to doing this by Monday. I'd love for there to be one or two
> common projects we try to work on, including some work with RHOK, so will
> try to include that.
> 2) We need to re-create the wiki www.opendataday.org/wiki/Main_Page.
> Specifically I think we should probably archive last years' content? (Maybe
> move the content from the landing page to a renamed Main_Page2010) and
> recreate the main page and the cities organizing page (Maybe so that people
> can sign up and organize again - maybe point to a new City Events<http://www.opendataday.org/wiki/City_Events>page that is at City_events_2011).
> It would be great if someone wanted to tackle this. I will try to do it by
> Monday if no one is able!
> 3) Write some blog posts and spread the news. I'll definitely post one of
> these on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday in Canada and the US so worried we
> might get missed a little). You should feel free to copy mine, but I also
> encourage you to create your own! Obviously we'd love to recruit every one
> who participated last year and more!
> 4) Recruit, recruit, recruit
> If anyone has any concerns about any of these, please do post!
> Cheers,
> dave
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