[open-development] barcamp & development data discovery session

Andrew Lamb andrew.lamb at appropedia.org
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Hi there,


Putting my Engineers Without Borders UK hat on...


I'm interested in this data barcamp... and we had similar conversations
about taxonomy etc at the barcamp that the Appropedia Foundation organised
in San Francisco last year (though haven't followed where those have gotten
to). But I think my agenda is more about open-ness of data, information and
knowledge that helps fight poverty in a more hands-on sense (though I'm very
aware of the importance of transparency as a tool to fight poverty!). That
is - answers to questions like: how big exactly to the washers need to be on
a rope-and-washer pump?


That sort of development information is what we'll be exploring at Know How
Now on 6th November. See www.knowhownow.org.uk.


So... my only request is: if this barcamp goes ahead, could it be after 6th
November so that I can attend please?!! We could also promote the barcamp at
Know How Now... it would help me to encourage the open-ness agenda in the
exhibitors taking part in fact.





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Hi folks,


I have recently had a few discussions about possibly holding an open
development (data) barcamp in the UK in autumn - building on success of open
dev camp  in Washington DC last month (http://opendev.ning.com/)


We could also include a development data discovery session to identify more
available development datasets for the ckan registry.


What do people think? It would be useful to get a sense of levels of
interest, potential dates (early Oct/Nov?), possible venues etc.



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