[open-development] Call for Participation: Open Economics WG

Guo Xu digitalepourpre at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 12:54:03 UTC 2011


Help make economics more open!

The Open Economics Working Group of the Open Knowledge Foundation
(http://www.openeconomics.net) is an informal, community-organized
group working to ensure economics is built on sound, transparent
foundations. We're looking for people, especially students, to get
involved with the working group and its projects.

## Our Aim and Purpose ##

We want economic data and associated analysis (particularly as
represented in runnable code) to be openly available to all members of
society - not just researchers or other economists.

This working group therefore exists to:

- Act as a central point of reference and support for people
interested in open data (and code) in economics.
- Identify relevant projects and practices. Promote best practices as
well as legal and technical standards for making material open as in
- Act as a hub for the development and maintenance of low cost,
community driven projects related to open material in economics.

## How to get involved ##

The Open Economics WG is driven by the contributions of volunteers
like you. We are not only looking for coders or economists but are
open to all who are enthusiastic about data: If you would like to
explore the different ways in which you can participate, please join
our mailing list
(http://lists.okfn.org/mailman/listinfo/open-economics) or contact us
at guo.xu at okfn.org:

We are hosting a Skype meetup to take stock and discuss future
projects on the >> 23rd of June, 7 pm GMT+1 (British Summer Time [!])
<< and would like to invite you to join in - please drop a mail to
guo.xu at okfn.org along your Skype ID so we can add you to the session.

## What we're working on ##

Yourtopia and Progressvote (see http://www.yourtopia.net): An
application that constructs a measure of social progress based on your
preferences. You choose which indicators are important to you and
Yourtopia aggregates the individual choices to an index of human
development. Awarded 3rd place at the World Bank Apps4Development

Metametrik: An open standard and repository to store empirical
results. We are aiming to cooperate with existing software packages
(R, Stata) and platforms (RePEc) to create a database for regression
results, facilitating meta-analyses and literature reviews.

Your idea here! More ideas on http://ideas.okfn.org

## About the OKF

The Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) is a not-for-profit organization
founded in 2004 and dedicated to promoting open knowledge in all its
forms. It is a leader in this field nationally and internationally. We
seek a world in which open knowledge is ubiquitous and routine. We
seek to promote open knowledge because of its potential to deliver
far-reaching societal benefits. Read more at http://okfn.org/about/

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