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Tim Davies tim at practicalparticipation.co.uk
Sat Feb 18 15:55:43 UTC 2012

Hello all,

There are now over 150 members of this open-developing mailing list (joined
recently? been around a while but not introduced yourself yet? please do
drop an introduction mail to the list...)

*The open development working group*
Membership of the mailing list makes you a part of the Open Development
Working Group of the Open Knowledge Foundation, which was established in
2009 with the following aims:

   1. Act as a central point of reference and support for people who are
   interested in open knowledge in development.
   2. Collate open data and open content relevant to development – from
   statistical datasets to practical information.
   3. Encoure best practices regarding licensing and publication of
   development related open content and open data.
   4. Act as a hub for the development of low cost, community driven
   projects around open knowledge in development.

Open Knowledge Foundation working groups creating a space for collaboration
between organisations and individuals on areas of shared concern. Nominally
I'm down as the Open Development working groups contact with OKF, though
Claudia has also recently joined the fortnightly working groups
co-ordination calls run by OKF. However, the working group really belongs
to it's members as a space for collaboration - so all ideas you have,
either for shared work on the aims above, or on adding to and updating our
shared aims, are very much legitimate and things you can bring to the

At the moment a lot of the groups work has focussed on being a
knowledge-sharing space through the mailing list (thanks to everyone who
has been posting to the list recently!), and as a space to develop ideas
for events and activities.
After conversations with Claudia Schwegmann, we thought it might be useful
to have a simple web presence for the group as a space to let the wider
world know about the Working Group and where blog posts of news, and links
to useful resources can be posted. So http://open-development.okfn.org/ has
now come into being. All comments welcome, and if you would like to be
involved in keeping it up to date, please do let me know. Current admins
are myself and Claudia Schwegmann.

*Resource sharing*
Also on that site you will find a Google Document in the Resource section (
http://open-development.okfn.org/resources/) where we've started to bring
together a list of useful resource for anyone looking at open knowledge in

In the long-run it would be great to put together a more structured
resource library, but for now, if you've got anything to add, you can edit
the Google Doc direct by following the link at

All best wishes

Tim Davies
for AidInfo

07834 856 303.

Co-director of Practical Participation:
Practical Participation Ltd is a registered company in England and Wales -
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