[open-development] Updates from OKFestival

Lucy Chambers lucy.chambers at okfn.org
Mon Sep 24 17:11:35 UTC 2012

(Apologies for cross-post. )

In case any of you missed it last week, I thought I would quickly
offer a quick update from what happened at OKFestival.

* There were scoops - the Netherlands announced that they would
publish their budget for the first time in machine-readable format.
* There were collaborations - we teamed up with the International Aid
Transparency Initiative folks to sketch out some key questions in
developing a standard for spending data, bearing in mind
interoperability between these related spheres from the off.
* There were fantastic talks from some of the working group members,
talking about how to connect these complex datasets to issues people
really care about and on why participation is key in actually
improving budgeting practices (and creating a more demanding public!)

I've tried to capture as many discussions in as much detail as
possible in this blog post, and raised a few questions on where we
might go next - particularly in improving data quality. Would love
your feedback!



Lucy Chambers
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OpenSpending & Data Journalism
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