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mariken gaanderse mariken at openforchange.info
Tue Apr 2 14:40:25 UTC 2013

Dear all,

Tim kindly flagged to me that it would be wise to share the proposal that I
uploaded recently on this list as well! Here below you can find the
proposal for an Open Development Toolkit. In case you have any questions,
suggestions or input, please let me know!!

Warm regards

Mariken Gaanderse


*Title: Open Development Toolkit*

*==== Project leads: ====*

Mariken Gaanderse – Open for change - http://openforchange.info
Pelle Aardema – open for change

*==== Description: ====*
*What would this proposal involve?*

Create a user-friendly toolbox (that can be regularly updated) with a
simple manual and with tools that can be used by NGO workers (highly
'dummy' proof) to help them in using open data.
The toolbox contains:
* (Links to) Open data produced by others (world bank, eu statistics), but
also their own open data.
At the moment some data is available but only very few people use it, often
because they don't know what to do with it, where to find other interesting
data and which tools to use.
* Tools like infogr.am, piktochart, basic 'data manipulation tools',
including some concrete examples.
Open for people to add new tools and possibly rate them with a simple
rating system.
* Collection of learning resources: there are more and more resources
available that teach people what data is, where to find data, when to use
visualizations, etc. (P2PU, Drawing by numbers, School of Data, ...)
* Creative methods and tools that can be used to open up your organisation.
* It would also be good to create a space where users can discuss together
what kind of tools are missing, allowing people to also find other partners
to possibly team up with and create such a tool when there is sufficient

*==== Working group involvement ====*
*How would the *

The toolbox is open for usage and additions by others. The more people
contribute the stronger it will become.
The created how-to's, recipes, etc will be available for use & re-use
under an open license

*==== Meeting our goals ====*
We set out four main goals for working group projects. For each of the
goals below indicate how this project contributes towards then:
•   *(a) Building the open development field; *

More people will be able to use and experiment with open data and open
We can learn from each other, exchange experiences and inspire people to
start using the data. As such we believe that this will also help in
understanding the impact and opportunities of opening up your organisation.

•   *(b) Building southern ownership of open development agenda; *

Southern stakeholders are equal in this proposal. They can contribute and
profit just as much as other players. We are building this together. As we
are using an open format southern stakeholders can use, reuse and remix it
as much as they like or deem necessary. We can create a joint toolkit

•   *(c) Capacity building; *
This is a capacity building project, strengthening capacity of people
throughout the Open Developement network.

•   *(d) Meeting a demonstrated demand; *

In our work with Open for Change we have seen that there is a tendency to
make opening up the data of an organisation a seperate ICT task. There is
not that much ownership within the different organisations once the data is
opened, as people don't yet know what to do with the data. They don't know
which tools exist, how to use them and where to find other data for mash
Next to that internal structures and organisational cultures are still
quite closed. Traditional organisations are using new tools, but not
incorporating the full potential of opening up your data and your
organisation. I.e still using new tools to 'broadcast' rather than engage
with partners/supporters in a different way.

*==== Estimated costs ====*
*Put in rough itemised estimated costs*

Building and designing the platform - 5000
Initial content creation - 5000
Engaging a community around the platform - 5000
Communication - 5000
Creating a clear business model or look for additional funding -  3000
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