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alina ostling alinost at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 16:24:14 UTC 2013

I just subscribed to your list.

My name is Alina Ostling and I am a PhD candidate at the European
University Institute <http://www.eui.eu/> (EUI) in Florence, Italy. My
research focuses on citizens’ online participation in politics. During my
PhD, I have also worked on online Voting Advice Applications (e.g. EU
Profiler <https://alinaostling.wordpress.com/about-me/www.euprofiler.eu>)
and other platforms for development (UNICEF Research

I am also interested in this group since I have development experience from
the field: I coordinated democratic governance projects at UNDP Belarus for
three years. I am curious about what can be done with new technologies and
open data in order to achieve more development and 'leapfrogging'.


PhD Candidate, European University Institute: www.eui.eu <http://www.eui.eu>
Homepage: http://alinaostling.wordpress.com
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