[open-development] How Can USAID Development Partners Implement IATI?

Wayan Vota wvota at developmentgateway.org
Thu May 30 18:40:19 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

For those interested in IATI as a driver of openness in development, please RSVP to participate in a Technology Salon I've organized for 8:30-10am on June 14th in Washington, DC, to try and answer questions like:

 - What does IATI publication mean in practice for INGOs and Contractors?
 - What are some of the rewards and challenges of IATI data?
 - What are the technological implications in publishing to IATI standards?
 - How can we balance concerns around opening up aid data with the positive potential of transparency and accountability?

To help us sort through these issues and more, we will have four thought leaders to guide our discussions. Nicole Neumeister of BOND and Sam Worthington of InterAction will give us the overview of IATI's impact on the development sector in the UK, USA, and globally. Then Hannah Poole of Pact will share Pact's journey to be the first USAID implementing partner to publish to the IATI standard and Stephen Davenport of Development Gateway will give us an update on USAID's programs with IATI.

Please RSVP here to join us for the event: 


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