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LINDA RAFTREE lindaraftree at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 21:38:38 UTC 2013

Hi Open Development Folks!
We're getting ready for the ICTD2013 Conference in Cape Town in December,
where we'll be doing a session on Imagining the Futures of Open Development
(see http://www.ictd2013.info/ for more information). This will be an open
session, and in preparation, we were hoping that we could get some input
from everyone to help us get started thinking.

Please take 10 minutes to fill out a quick survey with your thoughts and
ideas. We hope to hear from those who will OR WILL NOT attend the session in
person. (It will be live-cast also, and tweeted, and shared by blog post
afterwards). We'll publish the results from the survey openly so that people
can see what some of the ideas are, too.

Hope to hear your thoughts! Survey link:

All the best from the organizing team,

Linda Raftree, Caitlin Bentley, Ineke Buskens, Matthew Smith, Duncan
Edwards, Soren Gigler, Sarah Johns, and Tony Roberts

Linda Raftree
mobile: +1-401-440-5432
blog: lindaraftree.com <http://lindaraftree.com/>
twitter: @meowtree <http://twitter.com/meowtree>
skype: lindaraftree
about: http://about.me/lindaraftree

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