[open-development] Open and collaborative science for development workshop - follow us in Cape Town

Jenny Molloy jcmcoppice12 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 12 09:21:25 UTC 2013

Hi All

The IDRC funded and OKF/OpenUCT organised workshop on open and
collaborative science for development started today at the University of
Cape Town!
You can find the original blog post here:
The project proposal here:

Follow us on *#openscidev* and *#openscience* - we would love your
engagement and interaction over the next two days so please tweet back your
thoughts and comments!
We will be blogging each evening and posting summaries to our discussion
group https://sites.google.com/a/okfn.org/opensciencedev/discussion for
more in depth debate.

Do spread the word and get in touch via these routes - input and
perspectives from those in the global south would be particularly
interesting for us as we try and build a research agenda to better
understand the challenges and opportunities in applying open approaches to
science for development.

Best wishes

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