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Felipe Estefan felipe.estefan.g at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 14:40:50 UTC 2014

Dear all -

I wanted to share with you this announcement about the new version of
the #OpenGovNow
portal <http://www.openinggovernment.com/>. The portal includes data from a
survey we conducted in 62 countries to measure perceptions and demand for
openness. It also includes video interviews, interactive graphs, and all
sorts of information that we hope proves useful for anyone championing open

With best regards, and with apologies for any cross-postings,


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                            We are launching today an enhanced version of
the #OpenGovNow portal <http://www.openinggovernment.com/>,  a project
aimed at advancing Open Government efforts by highlighting the significant
global demand for increased government openness. The portal can be accessed
at www.openinggovernment.com.

This project was completed in partnership with the RIWI Corporation and
with the inputs of a wide range of collaborators, most notably the Open
Government Partnership (OGP) Support Unit.

Using an innovative technology, we conducted the Global Opening Government
Survey, which confirms that citizens, regardless of geographic location,
gender, and age, want their governments to be more open.

The largest perception survey ever conducted on the subject of Open
Government, the Global Opening Government Survey
<http://www.openinggovernment.com/>was a response to the growing need to
better understand citizens’ views and perceptions on the current state of
their government's openness as well as the demand for increased openness.

RIWI’s  “random domain intercept technology” (RDIT) enabled the survey to
collect complete responses from over 65,000 web-enabled individuals in the
first 61 member countries of the OGP as well as India.

The survey was conducted starting in October 2013 and spanned six weeks.
Like all survey technologies, the RDIT has its advantages and limitations
and is meant to complement other data from in-country surveys. While all
respondents had Internet access, the methodology had a key advantage of
targeting a truly broad and random sampling of regular citizens who
otherwise would not have normally had the opportunity to voice their
opinions on Open Government.

Today, the enhanced #OpenGovNow multimedia portal
<http://www.openinggovernment.com/> makes publicly available the data and
information collected from the Global Opening Government Survey, alongside
infographics, interviews with Open Government experts, and other
interactive features that provide channels for greater involvement on
initiatives and conversations around Open Government.

We hope that civil society organizations will benefit from the portal in
informing and empowering other citizens to gain a deeper understanding of
Open Government, how it benefits them, and why they should be involved in
Open Government efforts. We also hope government representatives will
benefit from the portal as a primary resource on the importance and
benefits of increased citizen participation in government decision-making,
as well as to learn more about their citizens' perceptions.

We invite you to view the portal at *www.openinggovernment.com
<http://www.openinggovernment/>* and engage with the larger conversation on
social media with the hashtag #OpenGovNow.
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