[open-economics] Yourtopia for Italy

Dirk Heine dirk.heine at okfn.org
Sun Feb 5 00:26:47 UTC 2012

Dear list,

Thanks so much for yesterday's hackday. I much enjoyed it!
One thing on the list were the texts: Please now find at
http://econ.okfnpad.org/yourtopia2 suggestions both for

   1. frontpage texts
   2. a short overview text
   3. a longer background text

I would much appreciate if you could go through the text and help edit. If
you spot a problem, please either correct it straight away, or make a
comment on the right-hand side of the OKFNPad or here - please do not just
ignore. We need to make sure everything is ok before opening this text for

Best wishes and many thanks for any edit and comment!

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