[open-economics] Analyzing the Yourtopia results

Velichka Dimitrova velichka.dimitrova at okfn.org
Tue Feb 7 13:24:37 UTC 2012

Hey everybody,

One year later we have the opportunity to analyse the data of Yourtopia (
yourtopia.net) as a crowd-sourced indicator of social progress, based on
the weightings submitted by users who went on the website and created their
own yourtopia.

Find out what the results are in the blog post of Dirk and Guo:


Seems GDP per capita isn't such a bad measure after all? Maybe or maybe
not. You are welcome to leave comments and discuss.

Velichka Dimitrova
Open Economics Working Group Coordinator
Open Knowledge Foundation
Twitter: @okfnecon, @vndimitrova
Website: www.openeconomics.net
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