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Florian Bauer florian.bauer at reeep.org
Mon Feb 20 13:03:26 UTC 2012

Dear all


Velichka's mail last Saturday on the new Open Economics Book Club reminded
me that I wanted to send short announcement of a new book which is now
available to this list.


We just published an interesting new resource for people trying to come to
grips with what Linked Open Data really means. It's a booklet called
"Linked Open Data: The Essentials" and it's aimed specifically at
decision-makers who want to understand what opening up their data sets
will actually entail. It also gives some examples of websites that drawn a
large part of their content from open data sources, including NREL's
(National Renewable Energy Laboratory) Open Energy Information portal
(en.openei.org), REEEP's clean energy portal (www.reegle.info) and
legislation.gov.uk which gives an overview UK legislation at all levels.

More information on the publication including free pdf download is
available at:

Direct link to free pdf:


The book was published by REEEP (the Renewable Energy and Energy
Efficiency Partnership - http://www.reeep.org) in cooperation with
Semantic Web Company (http://www.semantic-web.at).


Related Links:




Please contact me if you have any questions .


Best regards



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