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Velichka Dimitrova velichka.dimitrova at okfn.org
Sat Feb 18 11:05:03 UTC 2012

Hey Augusto,

great to hear from you and have the links you showed me, thanks for being
around for the DataParty.

You probably know that there is a graphic visualisation by the Open
Spending Group (http://openspending.org/), it would be cool to have a
spending dataset from Brazil, as there is no Brazilian data there so far.
Here is the link for importing a dataset:

Generally, the European regional data has been visualised and catalogued by
http://www.espon.eu/main/ - the dataset on European regions that we are
compiling could be used for some more creative data analysis and
presentation - i.e. investigating the relationship between actual inputs
(government spending) and outputs (indicators of social progress).

A map like this:
great, yet probably some dynamic aspect with zooming to a
visualisation of the single country would be interesting, especially as the
absolute sizes of the regions in each country are different.

Keep in touch and thanks again!


On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 10:49 AM, Augusto Herrmann <
augusto.herrmann at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, Velichka!
> This is the Brazilian local data I was showing you last week.
> Actually, there are a couple of visualizations I'm aware of:
> 1) Municipality spending data
>  Map visualization: http://thackdaydf.com.br/odhd/mapa/ceara.html
>    This was done by myself during the Open Data Hack Day hackaton of
> December 3rd, 2010.
>  Dataset / source data API: http://api.tcm.ce.gov.br/
>    This has been the first open government data API to be released in
> Brazil, in 2010, by the Accounts Court of Municipalities on the State
> of Ceará (TCM-CE).
> 2) Crime rates by type and municipality
>  Map visualization: http://ondeacontece.com.br/seguranca/RS
>    This was done by a Brazilian team during an app building
> competition (Desarollando America - http://desarrollandoamerica.org/),
> and this visualization has been the elected winner.
>  Dataset used:
> http://beta.dados.gov.br/dados/dataset/ocorrencias-criminais-no-estado-do-rio-grande-do-sul
>    Crime rates per crime type and municipality, released by the
> government of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.
> Both of these visualization use the shapefiles of municipalities
> released by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics. See
> http://beta.dados.gov.br/dados/dataset/malha-geometrica-dos-municipios-brasileiros
> By the way, as I said last week, our Federal Government Suppliers
> Registry dataset (has both businesses and indivisual people, see
> http://beta.dados.gov.br/dados/dataset/fornecedores-executivo-federal
> ) also has data separated by municipality. The RESTful API also has a
> method to list all municipalities in Brazil and some basic information
> on them (see
> http://api.comprasnet.gov.br/sicaf/v1/consulta/municipios.{format},
> where {format} can be xml, json, csv, rdf or n3).
> PS: Are there any OKFn lists you think this information should be
> forwarded to? If that's the case, please feel free to do so.
> Best regards,
> Augusto Herrmann
> Open Data Team
> Ministry of Planning - Brazil

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