[Open-education] quick update on OER policy developments in Europe

Marieke Guy marieke.guy at okfn.org
Wed Dec 4 17:50:18 UTC 2013

Thanks Alek,

Do you think some of this disinterest is to do with assumptions made 
about OERs and MOOCs?

I note that in the minutes Professor AZZOE, rector at the "Politecnico 
di Milano", "explained that developing a single on-line course is very 
expensive (around EUR 100.000) and very time-consuming, since many 
European public universities have a high staff/student ratio and 
furthermore students fees are limited by law. "

Maybe the broad range of OERs (and cost of developing) is lost on the 

I know that there are pockets of good practice (some mentioned in 
http://www.poerup.info). Could you share any thoughts on how the 
situation can be progressed?



On 04/12/2013 15:50, Alek Tarkowski wrote:
> Dear all,
> I've published a quick update on OER policy developments in Europe - the Council of EU debated the issue recently, but without going into details - which itself is a sign of the current policy situation (low interest / awareness among member states' governments).
> http://oerpolicy.eu/council-of-the-eu-discusses-oer-but-is-vague-on-details/
> all the best,
> Alek
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