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I'd like to introduce myself, as I signed up recently for this list. My name is Alek Tarkowski, I work in Poland for at an NGO called Centrum Cyfrowe, where much of our work focuses on openness, open education in particular, and copyright reform issues. I am also Public Lead of Creative Commons Poland.

I would also like to point you to a new Creative Commons project that I am leading, which is the "Open Educational Resources Policy for Europe" project. As the title implies, the project has a strong focus on promoting an open policy for publicly funded educational resources, and a European scope. You can read a bit more about it on the CC wiki:

I am sorry that I cannot make it to OKCon for the launch of the OKFN Education Group. We had a project workshop just this weekend, at the German OERde13 conference (http://www.wikimedia.de/wiki/OERde13).
It seems, after reading the blog posts on the OKFN booksprint and the handbook concept, that we will be doing similar things in the coming months. I hope that there will soon be a chance to meet, and maybe even do something together.

All the best,

Alek Tarkowski

Alek Tarkowski
dyrektor, Centrum Cyfrowe Projekt: Polska
Twitter: @atarkowski 
WWW: centrumcyfrowe.pl

kulturaponadprawem.pl /
creativecommons.pl / otwartezabytki.pl / otwartengo.pl / otwartezasoby.pl / conasuwiera.pl

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