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Thanks to Marieke and colleagues for creating this list. It is very pleasant to see some familiar names, and some which are less known to me - but perhaps soon will be.

By way of intro: I am a biologist who has been working in learning technology since around the turn of the Millennium. At that time I was responsible for an online degree programme at Bangor (North Wales), with Oleg Liber, Sarah Holyfield and Christina Smart. Since then, I have worked at Coleg Harlech WEA, and I am now at Jisc Regional Support Centre Wales, where my focus has been advising providers of Adult Community Learning (ACL). I also teach a third level module with the Open University (This one: http://www3.open.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/course/u316.htm ).

I have recently been advising a Working Group http://wales.gov.uk/about/cabinet/cabinetstatements/2013/onlinedigitallearning/?lang=en which was set up to look at the impact of 'open' (including MOOCs and OERs) on the HE sector in Wales. We are very shortly reporting to the (Welsh) Minister for Education. That group has been working behind closed doors, but once the report is in the public domain, we can talk more freely about what the 'open' agenda means for Wales and other countries, and collaborating in earnest with colleagues more widely. Issues of scale (-ability) and working in a bilingual environment are important to us, as well as the impact of globalisation on institutions which are already heavily impacted by changes in funding, creeping privatisation, and other economic forces.

Yn edrych ymlaen at y sgwrs/ Looking forward to the discussion


Paul Richardson
Jisc Regional Support Centre Wales

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Dear All,

Thanks so much for your introductions. Keep them coming!

I've written a post on how different we all are - many of us come from different sectors, different countries and have different views on what open education is. We also have different questions we'd like to ask. This makes for great collaboration opportunities!

Hopefully I've covered most of the faces...If I haven't just leave a comment.

The Faces of Open Education



On 26/09/2013 12:39, Pat Lockley wrote:
Open attribute is all at openattribute.com<http://openattribute.com> - or in the browser extension app stores

On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 10:22 AM, Geoff Constable <geoff at cadarn.ac.uk<mailto:geoff at cadarn.ac.uk>> wrote:
Hi Pat, et al,

I am a relative newbie to the world of OERs, and I am learning more about the benefits and challenges of Open Education every day. I am working on a project that covers the North and Middle of Wales, and will showcase OERs (and possibly ERs) that are produced by Higher Education in this part of Wales.

Pat - can you offer links to the attribution add-ons you have mentioned please? Or further details?

Many thanks,


Geoff Constable
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Gwasanaethau Gwybodaeth / Information Services
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Hello, Ola, Bonjour

A brief history of me and open

Nottingham Uni
-- Xpert www.nottingham.ac.uk/xpert<http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/xpert> (big search engine of "open" resources)
-- Xpert attribution www.nottingham.ac.uk/xpert/attribution/<http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/xpert/attribution/> allows you to search for and attribute open pictures

Oxford Uni
-- Politics In Spires -- politicsinspires.org<http://politicsinspires.org> Politics blog - now CC-BY-SA
-- Great Writers -- writersinspire.org<http://writersinspire.org> lots of CC OER on famous writers
-- World War One Centenary -- ww1centenary.oucs.ox.ac.uk<http://ww1centenary.oucs.ox.ac.uk> lots of ww1 resources, open data, git stuff and WP plugins

Uni of London
-- Just finished running a coursera MOOC - which is now open at http://lawsfolio.londoninternational.ac.uk/eclmooc (and cc licensed)

Open Attribute (making attribution easy)
-- Wrote Chrome and Opera browser plugins
-- Wrote WordPress plugins (3) and help maintain the Drupal plugin

Lots of other Open things
-- Openjoyce.com - lots of open resources and tools on James Joyce
-- Humabirdproject.org - sort of open digital humanities research tool

Probably forgotten something, but hey ho

Lots of open stuff.

Welcome everyone and hello



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