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Martin Poulter infobomb at gmail.com
Fri Sep 27 13:20:27 UTC 2013

Hello all. Glad to be part of this very interesting group.

I'm here in my capacity as a member of the Wikimedia movement. Hopefully
we're all aware of Wikimedia's charitable mission to give every person on
the planet access to the sum of human knowledge, and its projects such as
Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, Wikiversity, and a certain well-known online
encyclopedia. All the content of all these projects is freely reusable and
adaptable by anyone for any purpose.

As well as a Wikimedia contributor and outreach volunteer, I'm presently
what's called the Jisc Wikimedia Ambassdor. This means I am funded by both
Jisc and Wikimedia UK in a nine-month project to demonstrate and
disseminate ways that academia can work with Wikimedia to link research
impact and open education.

Open education, open access to research outputs, open data, free culture,
and free software are all issues close to the heart of the Wikimedia
community, and the work we do on the Wikimedia projects brings them all
together. The idea of readers not as passive recipients but as active
contributors who can upload, alter or review material is central to why we
now have tens of millions of encyclopedia articles and media files.

In another of my day-jobs, I run the Economics Network web site, which has
a large browsable catalogue of educational resources ordered by open-ness
(i.e. more freely licensed material is higher up the page).

Past publications and presentations on open education are listed in the
first two links in my signature below. Hope some of it is of interest,

Dr Martin L Poulter
Jisc Wikimedia Ambassador, July 2013 - March 2014
Wikipedia contributor         http://enwp.org/User:MartinPoulter
Volunteer, Wikimedia UK
Musician                          http://soundcloud.com/martin-poulter
Person                             http://infobomb.org/
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