[Open-education] Sharing our Timeline with OER Research Hub

Marieke Guy marieke.guy at okfn.org
Fri Aug 22 12:09:13 UTC 2014

The OER Research Hub <http://oerresearchhub.org>, a project that gathers 
research on the impact of open educational resources (OER) on learning 
and teaching practices based at the Open University in the UK, have 
embedded our Open Education Timeline 
<http://education.okfn.org/timeline/> into their OER Impact Map. As they 
this has been made possible by the use of open data!

The results are available on the OER Research hub site: 

If you'd like to add projects or event to the timeline here is an 
explanation of how to get started 

The OER Research hub team would now like to hear suggestions or ways 
they might enhance the services offered by the map site. Contact them 
<http://oerresearchhub.org/contact-us/> if you have any suggestions.


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