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Pat Lockley patrick.lockley at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 13 12:41:47 UTC 2014

*** apologies for cross posting or if this post makes you cross ***

Hello all,

Made some slight tweaks to Solvonauts in the last week or so that I thought
would be of interest.

*Home Page *(http://solvonauts.org)
You can now search for just pictures, video or audio (as well as still
being able to search for everything). If you search for pictures, they'll
display in the results, and audio and video files will on HTML5 browsers be
playable from the site itself

If you view all the metadata for a resource, the page now has LRMI and RDFa
built in

*Twitter magic*
The main twitter account (https://twitter.com/Solvonauts / @solvonauts) now
has twitter cards enabled. Twitter cards are the features that allow you to
add videos or pictures into each tweet. So each #randomoer tweet from
@solvonauts now has the license and some of the description available. So
you can view this without even needing to click the link

Approximately 1 #randomoer tweet is sent every hour - you can see an
example here - https://twitter.com/Solvonauts/status/433935975257894913


We've created a new twitter account (https://twitter.com/Solvogram /
@solvogram) which every hour tweets one CC-licensed / public domain picture
from the repository, and with twitter cards it shows this picture inside
the tweet (you can see an example of this here -

Hat tip to Martin Hawksey for this idea

*Open Data*
We've taken all of the searches we've had since we launched in November, as
well as all the OERs people visited from our site and made the data
available as CSVs. Note we've not cleaned this, so it might feature all
manner of things.

You can access the data here -

Thoughts and feedback welcome

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