[Open-education] Multilingual resources and Re: Open Education Handbook SlideWiki presentation

Marieke Guy marieke.guy at okfn.org
Mon Jan 27 14:58:50 UTC 2014

This is great Darya,

I'm currently away at a review meeting - where we were talking about 
Slidewiki's potential in our lunchbreak! We particularly like the 
multilingual angle - slidesets can be translated using Google translate. 
I'd love to take a look at what you've done so far when I return.

On the matter of multilingual resources (this came up in the Open 
Education Working Group Call last week 
<http://education.okfn.org/minutes-from-1st-working-group-call/>) a 
colleague has pointed out Duolingo (http://www.duolingo.com/), which 
might be of interest to people.

Duolingo supports language learning and community translation of 
resources. The idea is that somebody who needs a webpage translated 
uploads it to Duolingo. That document then gets presented to Duolingo 
students who can translate it in order to practice the language they are 
learning. When the document is fully translated, Duolingo returns it to 
the original content owner who, depending on the type of document they 
uploaded, pays for the translation. A really interesting concept.

As an aside, we hope to have something on our blog about how the 
translation of the handbook into Portuguese 
went in the next week or so.


will take a look when I get backOn 27/01/2014 13:58, Darya Tarasowa wrote:
> Hi guys,
> If nobody is against, I've started a presentation based on handbook 
> draft in SlideWiki.org. Here is the link: 
> http://slidewiki.org/deck/10559/latest
> For now I've only made the structure and will continue with a style. 
> Should I use black-white-green styling like here 
> http://education.okfn.org/ ?
> We will be happy if some of you are involved. For doing that you 
> should first register in http://slidewiki.org and mail to me your mail 
> address or nickname you used for the registration. This is to add you 
> to the editors group in order to avoid creating a plenty of revisions.
> Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
> Kind regards,
> Darya Tarasowa
> Phd student
> Enterprise Information Systems Department, University of Bonn,
> Fraunhofer IAIS <http://www.iais.fraunhofer.de/>
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