[Open-education] Fwd: Friday Chat: Is traditional education not open?

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Fri Jun 6 11:16:26 UTC 2014

There were no thoughts on this last week - it's an interesting topic 
though so I'm re-running it!

Maybe Terry's article on 'Why are schools locked shut most of the time?' 
is a good starting point

So traditional education tends to be *physically located and time 
located* i.e. locked in time and place, so this does seem to makes it 
less open. Are there attempts to change this (open, learning and 
teaching practice - the hole in the wall approach 
<http://www.hole-in-the-wall.com/> comes to mind here)? Are we confusing 
the terms 'traditional education' and 'formal learning'? Is there 
anything open education can learn from traditional education?



As an aside here is a post I wrote a few years back on the concepts of 
space, place and time in the online world - they are really complex 

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There is a question on this in the Open Education Handbook 
The answer is currently:

Traditional education was not open to all, and did not strive to be. 
Open education is not open to all, or rather, not all initiatives within 
open education are currently open to all, but inclusivity (or more 
accurately, equality) is core to open education.


    * An open education not ready to be open: Reflections on the
      tensions between open education and traditional schooling
      by Jasmine Tsal
    * Traditional vs. Open Education
      - Discussion from FOTE conference

So is inclusivity (or more accurately, equality) core to open education? 
What about equity? Does it have a role to play? How does this relate to 
last week's discussion on participation? Is traditional education 
(whatever that is) striving to be more open?

Any thoughts?



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