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Mick - FM mick at flossmanuals.net
Tue Jun 3 16:44:28 UTC 2014

On 03/06/14 17:13, ISABEL ALCARAZ GARCIA wrote:
> Hi Mick
> I follow the open-education list.
> I do not know any repository or tools which allow mix of licences.
> However, I want to share with you this game.
> http://opencontent.org/game/betagame.html 
> You may have already known it but I think it is a great tool for
> learning which licences are compatible.
> I'm doing a research about LOs repositories and their adaptation to
> semantic web so I am checking many repositories if I find anyone which
> mix licences I'll let you know.
> Isabel Alcaraz

Hi there Isabel,

I'm posting to the list to share,.

I think that is a cool game and I like how it illustrates how the NC
licence can make resources hard to remix.

I have spent many years trying to gently and less so pull groups away
from the use of NC licences, as have Creative Commons I believe with
their introduction of "This is a Free Culture licence" message here -

But I worry that this approach leads us to not use NC content at all
because of this problem.

I've reached the stage where I do want to be able to remix different
licences just because there is still so much NC content out there. (the
whole of http://ocw.mit.edu for example!)

So I'm proposing an attribution / licence hack. We have tools to make
the resources more modular and tag/mark these sub-modules with the
appropriate licences.

I'm wondering, has anyone else taken this kind of approach?

nice one

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