[Open-education] Friday chat: 'Open Open' Days and meta communities - open education groups

Raniere Silva raniere at riseup.net
Fri Oct 3 16:25:05 UTC 2014

> Interestingly this seems to be something the Open Science community are
> currently discussing - though they are thinking more about tools.
> http://ubuntusense.com/2014/09/30/thoughts-on-having-a-meta-open-science-community/

Just a view from inside. The OKF Open Science community is having this
discussion because Mozilla Science Lab is an Meta Open Science community that in
the last year was more active as Meta community than the OKF group.

> Anyway it would be great to brain storm groups in this space. We have a list
> of OER groups in the handbook <http://booktype.okfn.org/open-education-handbook/_draft/_v/1.0/groups-of-people-or-individuals-interested-in-oers/>
> - but can we think wider than this - so more general open education groups?

The list is US/Europe centric. For an Meta community will be nice to call
national and regional groups across the world.

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