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Hello Clint, thanks for your response, had the chance to shake hands in
Banff, last April.  Indeed, the most reviewed experience is the one you
coordinated at BC.  Impressive result of the workshop (4,000 plus pages of
knowledge created) in such a short time!!  Reading about what you achieved,
some questions come to mind:

   - The experience was mediated by an external facilitator:  do you feel
   you had capacity-building to strive forward on your own, or is the
   facilitator critical?
   - Are there other sprints programmed in the future?  Being so many gaps
   around thematic coverage of open textbooks, what are the barriers to not be
   doing this type of activities more often?  Is remixing and adaptation of
   already existing OER material that copes the efforts?
   - I searched for the Geography textbook, is it still under validation or
   review?  What are the major challenges post-sprint?
   - What's your feel around setting up incentives (gifts, recognition) to
   foster this activities?

Congratulations on all the hard work, a true inspiration in the OER/Open
Education landscape. Best wishes,

Werner Westermann

2015-08-17 14:01 GMT-03:00 Clint Lalonde <clalonde at bccampus.ca>:

> Hi Werner,
> There was an open textbook sprint at University of Otago a couple years
> ago, lead by Erika Pearson, Bernard Madill, Richard White and Simon Hart
> at the University of Otago. As part of their project, they created (with
> support from CC New Zealand) a cookbook on facilitating an open textbook
> sprint. You can find it at
> http://creativecommons.org.nz/2014/06/the-open-textbook-cookbook/
> I was one of the organizers of the BCcampus Geography Textbook Sprint last
> year. There are a number of other blog posts about the event that you might
> find useful. They have all been tagged and archived with the booksprint tag
> on the open.bccampus.ca website here:
> http://open.bccampus.ca/tag/booksprint/
> Clint Lalonde, MA
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> Ph: 250-507-8481
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> Dear all, regards from Santiago, Chile.
> With the premise to participatory engage teachers and students, in a first
> place, as well as other profiles, that could contribute to building a Open
> Textbook from scratch, I've been looking for ways to approach a Open
> Textbook sprint or hackathon.  I've been trying to pull out some kind of
> play script for such an event, as well as preliminary and post-event
> activities.  The main practices reviewed come from these experiences:
>    - http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/34643  Finnish experiencie
>    with a math textbook.
>    -
>    http://bccampus.ca/2013/11/25/thinking-about-a-bc-textbook-booksprinthackathon/
>    BC sprint, supported by the company Booksprints.
>    - http://hackeducation.com/2012/10/23/hacking-the-textbook/  Boston
>    based open textbook companies.
> Any thoughts or references around a methodology/strategy for a Open
> Textbook sprint/hackathon?  How does the idea of an "Open Textbook Sprint
> Playbook" sound?
> Best wishes,
> Werner Westermann
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