[Open-education] Poland introduces new OER policies for EU-funded programs, with overall budget of 34 billion EUR

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Mon Dec 7 08:26:58 UTC 2015

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We’ve just published news on a batch of important open policy developments in Poland:
- in October, a series of grant programs (for content digitisation and digital skills programs), with an overall value of approx 100 million EUR, have been announced by the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure and Development. All of them include an OER policy: a requirement to release all educational / digitised content under a free license
- in June, the same Ministry released a set of general requirements that cover all programs funded in Poland from the European Social Fund. It’s a massive funding source with an overall budget of approx. 34 billion EUR. A lot of this money will be spent on educational projects (with a dedicated 4,4 billion national educational program, and further educational spending in 16 Polish regions). All content will be released under a CC BY license.

This is big news for us, as these are strong open / OER policies that confirm Poland’s commitment to this licensing approach. We are working with the Ministry and encouraging them to provide proper information / education support to grantees, as well as a content repository.

You can read about this on our blog:
http://centrumcyfrowe.pl/polish-ministry-of-infrastructure-and-development-introduces-open-licensing-requirements/ <http://centrumcyfrowe.pl/polish-ministry-of-infrastructure-and-development-introduces-open-licensing-requirements/>

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