[Open-education] Open and innovative teaching practices across Europe

Atenas, Javiera j.atenas at ucl.ac.uk
Fri Dec 4 11:12:00 UTC 2015

Apologies for cross posting

Dear OER fellows

Please find linked below a descriptive list of innovative and open teaching and learning practices in Europe collected by the Open Education Europe team.

The list is quite comprehensive, from primary to HE education and showcases the use of many different approaches to use of digital resources in technology enhanced teaching practices including use and production of OER

The list is available here http://openeducationeuropa.eu/en/good-practices

Many thanks to Maria Perifanou for her efforts in collecting and disseminating this list, it's a really valuable tool to get inspired in adopting new approaches in teaching

Best wishes


Javiera Atenas, PhD
HEA Fellow
School of Management
University College London
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