[Open-education] OER in Civic Education / Citizenship Competencies

Werner Westermann wernerwestermannj at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 03:30:19 UTC 2015

Dear all, best regards from Santiago, Chile.

I am working on a discussion paper to think about Civic Education /
Citizenship Competencies development in our societies, marked and changed
by the digital sphere.  For shure, openness/open licencing will be a key
component, as it blends perfect with participatory and collaborative
practices to promote these competencies.  But I haven't met yet OERs, OEPs
nor initiatives that explicit openess/open licencing as a key component.
So related to Civic Education / Citizenship Competencies:

   - any OER or OEP to highlight?
   - any innovative learning digital technology practice to promote?
   - any programs being deployed to feature?

Any thoughts about open education/openness and its role within civic and
citizenship will be most welcomed!!  Best wishes,

Werner Westermann
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