[Open-education] [OER] Creative Commons Open Business Models - Call For Participation

Stephen Downes stephen at downes.ca
Sat Mar 7 17:40:41 UTC 2015

Hiya All,


I am wondering whether people are not concerned that this initiative will
legitimize the practice of what we'll call 'closed' business models.


It wasn't so long ago there were protests over so-called 'business model
patents' and in Europe process patents (such as software patents) remain an
open issue. 


I realize that Creative Commons typically deals with copyright (which cover
the expression of an idea) rather than patents (which cover the idea) but
nonetheless, it was not so long ago that the concensus was around the idea
that processes and models themsleves should be open by default, that is, not
encumbered in any way.


This initiative appears at first glace to be a concession to the defeat of
that consensus. I would prefer that the effort be continued to see that
processes, models and ideas remain unencumbered, rather than to explicitly
allow that they can be liense.


Just my $0.02 - you can have these ideas, however, royalty-free.


-- Stephen




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Fantastic initiative Paul. Open Biz Model Canvas template seems very
promising. Will play with it and provide input and/or model for Open
Assembly. Many thanks.


(Domi) Domitilla Enders, CEO
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On Mar 6, 2015, at 1:49 PM, Paul Stacey <pstacey at creativecommons.org
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Creative Commons Open Business Models initiative announcement:



Open call for participation in these activities:

1.	Join us in designing, developing, and iterating a set of interactive
Creative Commons open business model tools that anyone can use to design an
open business model.
2.	Use these open business model tools yourself to generate your own
open business model(s).
3.	Share the results of your participation including the open business
models you generate.
4.	Provide feedback and recommendations for improving the Creative
Commons open business model tools and process.
5.	Partner directly with Creative Commons on developing an open
business model for your specific initiative.
6.	Participate in a Creative Commons workshop on generating open
business models.
7.	Contribute to a Creative Commons open business models report.

See our
iuSA/edit?usp=sharing> Creative Commons Open Business Models Participation
Activities document for further details on each of these activities,
including specifics for participation, and links to the tools.

We're excited about doing this work with all of you and growing the commons
through open business models.



Paul Stacey
Associate Director of Global Learning
Creative Commons
pstacey at creativecommons.org <mailto:pstacey at creativecommons.org> 



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