[Open-education] Please support the rightcopyright.eu Campaign for Education!

Cable Green cable at creativecommons.org
Mon Apr 3 17:45:39 UTC 2017

Greetings Open Education Friends:

Please support the www.RightCopyright.eu campaign for education. Details

Thank you!


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From: Lisette Kalshoven <lk at kl.nl>
Date: Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 7:37 AM
Subject: Please support the rightcopyright.eu campaign for Education

Dear Cable,

I hope you noticed on social media already; we at COMMUNIA have started the
www.RightCopyright.eu campaign. We ask for public support for a better
copyright for education. We hope you will help us reaching our goal of 5K
signatories by May 15th. This will help us convince policymakers that we
need a copyright that supports education, and not a copyright that holds
back education.

You can help by:
1. Signing the petition at www.rightcopyright.eu
2. Sharing about the campaign on social media, newsletters and other
outlets. Please find sample tweets in 10-12 European languages on the
website: https://rightcopyright.eu/spread-the-word/ - example: "You may not
know it, but you are breaking the law. Help us change this: bit.ly/rightcpy”
3. If you have suggestions of who to contact about how to reach an
education-oriented / copyright oriented audience, please let me know.


Lisette Kalshoven

Kennisland | www.kl.nl | t +31205756720 <+31%2020%20575%206720> | m
+31613943237 <+31%206%2013943237> | @lnkalshoven | skype: lisette.kalshoven


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