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>From Ethan Senack, Creative Commons USA | Volume 48 | January 11th, 2018

With updates from Nicole Allen, Cheryl Cuillier, and Karen Lauritsen


Your bi-weekly newsletter for open education updates, opportunities, and

CHEERS TO 2018: As we kick off the new year, the Digest team just wants to
express a quick word of thanks to our readers. Send us your predictions,
blogs, or other reflections for 2018 at oerdigest at gmail.com or @oerdigest
<https://twitter.com/oerdigest> and we might include them in the next

HITTING A GROOVE: If the first couple weeks of this month are any
indication, the OER community seems to be heading for a banner year. Check
out some of the most recent headlines from articles featuring OER:


   Inside Higher Ed: The Truth (About OER) Is Out There

   Chronicle of Higher Education: Use of Free Textbooks Is Rising, but
   Barriers Remain

   Inside Higher Ed: OER Adoptions on the Rise

   EdSurge: As Campuses Move to Embrace OER, College Libraries Become Key

   EdSurge: OER Had Its Breakthrough in 2017. Next Year, It Will Become an
   Essential Teaching Tool

BREAKING, FROM CA: California Governor Jerry Brown proposed a new, public,
online community college
for the state as a means to improve economic mobility and prepare the
workforce for a changing job market. As part of the proposal, the college
will leverage OER and “z-degree courses” to keep the cost of attendance as
low as possible. More details are expected in coming weeks.

IN OTHER STATES: A host of legislators in Virginia, Washington, New York,
Mississippi, and Indiana introduced bills around access to- and cost of-
course materials this past week, including many provisions around OER. The
Digest will be following these, and other bills, as they proceed.

BIG NUMBERS: So far in 2018, institutions are putting big numbers on the
board - Pierce College announced
last week that they crossed the $1 million mark in student savings from
OER, and the University System of Maryland’s annual scorecard revealed
<http://www.usmd.edu/usm/2017USMScorecard.pdf> $1.6 million in savings for
their students. In a different vein, UMUC hit record enrollment
last year after years of struggling to maintain existing levels - and they
credit their switch to OER as a major factor in the improvement. They’ve
also seen increased retention, and dropped their average ‘books and
supplies’ cost to zero. Additionally, Wiki Education announced
that their programs had added more than 7.68 million words of science
content to the open online encyclopedia.

10 YEARS: January 22, 2018 marks the official 10 year anniversary
<http://www.capetowndeclaration.org/cpt10/> of the publication of the Cape
Town Open Education Declaration. Consider marking the occasion on the 22nd
with a blog post on your predictions for the next 10 years or join in on
social media with #CPT10.

NEW EFFORT: Late last year, the Open Textbook Network announced
the creation of The Publishing Cooperative, a group of institutions working
together to “establish publishing infrastructure, processes, and community
to expand the development of open textbook publishing in higher education.”
Their goal is publish two dozen CC-BY textbooks by 2020.


Upcoming Events, Proposal and Registration Deadlines, Report-Backs

REGISTER: Early bird registration is open for the Creative Commons 2018
Global Summit in Toronto, April 13-15th. Register here:

REGISTER: The 2018 OE Global Conference take place in Delft, The
Netherlands on April 24-26th. Register here:

REGISTER, TAKE 2: The Florida OER Summit takes place next month, February
7-8th, after it was postponed due to Hurricane Irma last year. Registration
is open now, here: https://www.flvc.org/oersummit-registration

REGISTER: The Library Collective is hosting a conference February 28-March
2nd in Tennessee. Register here by February 1st:


Quick snapshots of those making change on the ground level, and those

FROM PENNSYLVANIA K-12: “It really is a grassroots effort,” he says. “It’s
not a top-down [situation], where we have to submit resources to the state
level or the intermediate unit level to be approved. … Instead, it starts
at the district level where teachers, who are the best evaluators of the
content that they’re utilizing in the classroom, can begin that process.” Read
More >

FROM PENNSYLVANIA HIGHER ED: The resolution cited the Office of Admissions
and Financial Aid, which recommends students prepare to pay $772 for
textbooks for the 2017-2018 school year. “That cost, that’s someone’s rent.
That’s someone’s grocery money for the entire semester,” Patel said. “That
impacts the students way more than people really see.” Read More >


Each edition, we’ll highlight an interesting, new, openly-licensed resource

The Public Data Lab released under CC-BY A Field Guide on “Fake News”
<http://fakenews.publicdatalab.org/> - exploring the best ways to identify
and fake news and verify real stories. The authors are also attempting to
build the guide out into a full textbook as well.


Interesting Discussions and Strategic Reads to Repost or Share

Great to Share >>

To combat soaring textbook costs, look to an open-source approach | The
Globe and Mail


Interesting to Consider >>

How OER Can Help Low-Income School Districts | Kajeet.net


As Textbook Companies Try New Options, Many Students Say Price Is Biggest
Factor | EdSurge


White Paper on Open Educational Resources | Ontario Council of University


Highlights From a Year of Tracking Future Trends in Education | EdSurge


Districts to watch in 2018 | Education Dive


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