[open-heritage] Landscape-Portrat | Kevin Carter

kevin carter info at co-lab.org
Mon Nov 14 13:01:43 UTC 2011

Hello there,

Apologies for cross posting. I wonder if anyone maybe able to offer
some pointers in regard to a digital public art project I have been
developing over the past 5 years. The work Landscape-Portrait allows
users to record a video portrait online detailing their view of
themselves and their neighborhood. The aims of the work is to offer a
contrast to the portrait of place offered by demographics.

I now have a large archive of geo stamped video data which I want to
release to the public realm and mark up using RDF/linked data.

I am struggling on two counts, where to publish the video content too
and a basic lack of ability  in coding RDF/Linked Data. Any
suggestions as to a PR location for the video, or tutorials for RDF
would be much appreciated.

Cheers Kevin Carter.

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