[open-heritage] Sharing history

Fae faenwp at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 11:19:53 UTC 2012

Sorry if this came over as aggressive. I misunderstood your email reply.

This is what your website says for new users:
"Licence/Copyright: By default, all material you upload is displayed
under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 licence,
which allows other users to both share and adapt your material, with
attribution, for non commerical purposes only. If this does not meet
your licensing needs, you can create your own custom copyright terms
by clicking on "Edit Account" in your dashboard menu above."

When I use the "Edit Account" option, there is only one standard
choice of license and that is for noncommercial reuse. I would have to
write out my own license to choose to do anything else. This option
excludes any possible reuse on other sites such as Wikimedia Commons
and does not account for images where a CC-BY-SA-NC license would not
be meaningful, such as old photographs not taken by the uploader or
where the image is a faithful reproduction of a public domain

I note the website itself is registered to a sole trader, not the
Share Our Past company, presumably as a convenience. Every page
appears to have a paypal donate button on it, and the payments go to
an account registered as your hotmail account with a purpose title of
ShareHistory.org. Share Our Past Ltd is registered under number
06994863 as a private limited company with share capital. It would
probably be sensible to clarify on your website whether you intend to
run as a not for profit or what you would intend to do with any profit
you might make.

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