[OpenGLAM] Call for artists that use a CC-license

Joris Pekel joris.pekel at okfn.org
Fri Dec 21 13:28:40 UTC 2012

Dear all,

Currently, we are drafting a booklet with information about the different
CC-licenses for contemporary artists and what each license means for them.
Besides the explanation of the licensing, we would like to add a couple of
interviews/statements of artists that use open CC-licenses. We also want to
design the booklet with artworks that are openly licensed by these artists.

We are currently creating a list with artists to approach and we very much
welcome your suggestions. If you know of people, please share with the

We are also planing on adding statements from people from GLAM institutions
that work with contemporary art and how closed and open content influences
their work. If you are interested, or know somebody, to get interviewed,
please also let me know.

Finally, we also welcome personal stories about how you use openly licensed

Love to hear your responses!


Joris Pekel
Community Coordinator
Open Knowledge Foundation
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