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Programme Announcement:

Television Heritage and the Web

(Final EUscreen Conference)

Date: 13-14 September 2012

Location: ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary

EUscreen, the best practice network for Europe’s television heritage,
organises its third and final international conference on Television
Heritage and the Web. The conference will take place in Budapest on 13 and
14 September 2012. The programme consists of two workshops, a plenary
session with keynotes and case studies by renowned experts in the field.
Attendance is free but online registration is required at the following
address: http://euscreen2012.**eventbrite.com<http://euscreen2012.eventbrite.com/>.

Conference programme

Today, most broadcasters devote resources to web-based forms of television,
both in terms of new programming and older programme materials. Broadcast
archives are becoming increasingly important as ‘old’ television content
has the potential to attract online users. As a result, the major question
for audiovisual archives, scholars and media professionals is: What does
the current shift to online forms actually imply for television heritage?

The conference Television Heritage and the Web will discuss and analyse the
opportunities and challenges of the current media changes. The conference
includes a range of international experts and a workshop titled EUscreen
best practice applications showcase, which explores the exploitation of
broadcast material in the fields of learning, research, leisure/cultural
heritage and creative reuse.

Confirmed speakers


   Lynn Spigel (Northwestern University, USA)

   Eggo Müller (Utrecht University, NL)

   Richard Grusin (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA)

   Jamie Harley (FR)

   Irina Negraru and Dana Mustata (TVR, RO)

   Aleksander Lavrencic/Katja Šturm (RTV Slovenija, SI)

   Victoria Metzger/Xavier Jacques-Jourion (RTBF , BE)
    - Attila Nemes (Kitchen Budapest, HU)

Please go to http://euscreen2012.**eventbrite.com<http://euscreen2012.eventbrite.com/>
programme updates and make sure to register in time for this event.

About EUscreen

The EUscreen project has published 30.000 television items online in an act
to make historical audiovisual content widely accessible. EUscreen started
in October 2009 as a three-year project funded by the European Commission’s
eContentplus programme. A beta version of the portal was launched in 2011
and is also directly connected to Europeana. EUscreen is co-ordinated by
University of Utrecht and its consortium consists of 28 partners and 10
associate partners (comprising audiovisual archives, research institutions,
technology providers and Europeana) from 20 different European countries.

For events info and updates on the project, visit http://blog.euscreen.eu

See for more information: http://www.euscreen.eu/

Joris Pekel
Community Coordinator
Open Knowledge Foundation
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