[open-heritage] Free Music Archive Remix contest

Joris Pekel okfn.joris.pekel at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 1 08:33:34 UTC 2012

Hi Everybody,

As we have seen during the OKFest hackathon [1], there is some great
potential for artists in the public domain.

To show this potential, the Free Music Archive has teamed up with the
Prellinger Archive and started a video remix contest called "Sound for the
Moving Image: The Past Re-imagined As The Future." The contest invites
artists everywhere to mix video from the incredible Prelinger Archives
Collection with audio from the Free Music Archive to create new
masterpieces for the commons. The point of this contest is to showcase the
creative possibilities of open digital archives like these.


Even if you are not interested in participating, it is very worthwhile to
check out the 'inspiration' section and have a look at some great
video/music remixes.

If you are planning to participate, I would love to hear about it!



[1] http://avoinglam.fi/?p=199

Joris Pekel
Community Coordinator
Open Knowledge Foundation
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