[OpenGLAM] Help Wanted: The Michigan Historical Center

Sarraf, Suzanne S-SARRAF at NGA.GOV
Mon Jul 14 14:59:49 UTC 2014

Help Wanted:
The Michigan Historical Center is working on a re-do of a large portion of our long-term exhibits. We want to include more technology but need information on what is available/possible. Also, what platforms/types work better for what educational/interpretive goals.

We are looking for someone who is not specific to a particular technology or vendor. Mobile, web, on-site interactives are of particular interest. But, also games/augmented reality, multimedia, etc. This individual would do a workshop for staff from area museums, and then do a session with our museum staff regarding our particular exhibit needs. This initiative is funded by a grant we received for the exhibit.

Have any of you worked with someone that might fit that bill? Or know someone who might be able to help? (Or even tell me we’re asking for too much or the wrong thing!) Any help, suggestions, direction would be appreciated. Thanks.

Please contact: Linda Eikmeier Endersby, Museum Director, Michigan Historical Center [EndersbyL at michigan.gov, 517-373-4183]
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