[OpenGLAM] Response to concerns about use.

Joris Pekel joris.pekel at europeana.eu
Thu Jul 24 09:16:06 UTC 2014

Hi Craig,

Hope you are doing well.
I still wanted to reply to your email but so far had not found the time to
do it.
I think this argument of attribution and tracking, so basically 'keeping
control', is very present in a lot of cultural institutions.
About your question specific, how would a 'all rights reserved' statement
be different than a CC license when it comes to tracking? If you a Creative
Commons license you ask the re-user to attribute properly, this includes a
link which would make it not too hard for you to see where this lives. If
people decide not to properly attribute, or not at all I am not sure if any
license would make a difference, and would your institutions then have the
legal resources to go after the people?

A big argument for me is the fact that you have a public mission. As an
institution you are there for the public and anything you can do to make it
easier for your public to get access to your material should be considered.
The material gets more value when it is actually used.

A project dealing with this question as well is Commons Machinery.
Jonas who leads this project recently sent out a call to this list for
people who would be interested in collaborating. Perhaps interesting for
you/your institution to join in the discusion or become a pilot partner?

This Europeana paper btw also deals with the benefits and risks of opening
up collections:

Hope this helps.



On Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 9:12 PM, Harkema, Craig <craig.harkema at usask.ca>

>  Hi all,
>  I'm curious how folks respond to the argument that goes something like:
>  "We always give permission but we like to hear about how images are being
> used, and ensure that credit/citations are being done correctly." When
> trying to create environments for open resources, what do you think is the
> best way to address the concern of use and tracking/statistics? There are a
> number of contributors to our project who want to be contacted for every
> use case scenario under the sun whereas I would prefer to slap a cc license
> on it and let folks go at it.
>  Thoughts?
>  -Craig
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