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Dear all,

Forwarded below is an updated CREATe Working Paper that has just been
released on Copyright and the Value of the Public Domain. The report
documents the results of a year-long knowledge exchange initiative
undertaken between the Intellectual Property Office, researchers at the
University of Glasgow CREATe Centre, and more than two dozen UK businesses
and innovators, to explore how value is generated from the public domain.

Best, Lieke Ploeger.

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A recurrent topic, this one. A new UK study has appeared:


"The overall purpose of the project was 1) to map the size of the
public domain and frequency of its use; 2) analyse the role of public
domain works in value creation for UK businesses; 3) assist creators
and entrepreneurs to identify business models that benefit from the
public domain." ...

Interestingly, it seems to duplicate the recent work done looking at
images on Wikipedia as an example of this:

"Using commercially equivalent licence fees obtained from Corbis and
Getty for images relating to the biographical sample, we estimate a
total value of USD $208 million (GBP £138 million) per year for the
1,983,609 English-language Wikipedia pages in appropriate categories
which contain public domain images."

- Andrew Gray
  andrew.gray at dunelm.org.uk
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