[OpenGLAM] new okf germany project: Datenschule (School of Data)

Helene Hahn helene.hahn at okfn.de
Tue Feb 23 10:24:24 UTC 2016

Hello dear GLAMers,

the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany just launched a new project:
Datenschule (School of Data).

With the Datenschule we want to empower NGOs to work with data.
We are also planning to run OpenGLAM Workshops for cultural heritage
institutions. We believe that
the effective use of relevant datasets could help organizations
better achieve their social objectives. We would like to accompany this
process with
individually tailored workshops, strategy consulting and technology

We've made it into the final round of the Google Impact Challenge but to
win, we need your votes - please support us
The winner will get 250.000€ to further develop the project.

If you are a data trainer and would like to collaborate with us or
are just generally interested in the project, feel free to subscribe to
our newsletter

More information on the current campaign and the project can be found
here: https://datenschule.de/index.en.html
Please share this call within your network & thanks a lot for supporting us!
All the best,

*Helene Hahn*
Projektleiterin | Datenschule | Coding da Vinci

*Die Datenschule ist eines der 10 Leuchtturmprojekte
bei der Google Impact Challenge. Unterstütze uns mit deiner Stimme!

Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V.
Singerstr. 109, 10179 Berlin
www.okfn.de <http://okfn.de> | @okfde <https://twitter.com/okfde>
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