[OpenGLAM] Call for support: soweego project

Marco Fossati fossati at spaziodati.eu
Sun Sep 24 16:48:40 UTC 2017

[Begging pardon if you have already read this in Wikimedia mailing lists]

Hi everyone,

Are you aware of Wikidata, the free open knowledge base by Wikimedia?

I'd like to invite you to have a look at a project proposal.
The main goal is to add a high volume of identifiers to Wikidata,
ensuring live maintenance of links.

Do you think that Wikidata should become the central linking hub of
open knowledge?

If so, I'd be really grateful if you could endorse the *soweego* project:

Of course, any comment is more than welcome on the discussion page.

Looking forward to your valuable feedback.


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